Inés Benavides has an unusual profile in the design world since she is a mining engineer. However, she comes from a family with great artistic concerns and from a young age discovered her passion for aesthetics. Her life in large European and American cities (she has lived in 7 different countries and speaks 4 languages) allowed her to develop those skills by learning in the great art capitals: Paris, Rome, London and New York

Since then, she has led numerous interior decoration projects in Spain and abroad, specializing in urban residential and high-street projects.

Inés Benavides’ team of collaborators gathers talent, experience, and a great drive to work to get the best out of each project. The primary goal of the studio is to maximize the potential of the space to be reformed.

Establishing a relationship of trust with clients is a fundamental part of the project. It is the only way to perfectly understand your needs. Once the project is conceived, Inés closely monitors the work of the trades and supervises every detail seeking perfection in the result.


The most creative facet of Inés Benavides has been developed through the design of functional sculptures. These pieces have been seen at international contemporary art fairs, art galleries, solo exhibitions and public institutions.

Her philosophy is based on the uniqueness of each piece, the fact that there is no other like it.

She works with noble and natural materials that molds into organic shapes. Inés also searches for deliberate contrasts between textures and pairs them harmoniously creating powerful effects.

They are pieces that are manufactured in artisan workshops which seek perfection in the result.

In order to innovate, Inés and her design atelier spend a lot of time experimenting with new techniques and materials, since it is a fundamental requirement to create unique pieces.