Interior Design Studio

Inés Benavides’ team brings talent, experience and passion for hard work to extract the very best form each project. The Studio’s primary objective is to make the most of the space the customer wants to transform.

A fundamental element is to establish a trust relationship customer-designer. It is the only way to really understand the customer´s needs.

Once the project has been conceived, Inés directs the works very closely, working with the trades and supervising every detail, looking for a perfect result.

Design Atelier

Inés Benavides includes in her projects pieces of furniture and functional sculptures designed specifically for each space. Those are pieces manufactured in artisan ateliers which seek a perfect result.

This sets Inés apart from other interior design and architecture studios. Searching to innovate, Inés and her Design Atelier devote quite some time to experiment with new materials and techniques, as a fundamental step to creating unique pieces.

Also, the Design Atelier of Inés Benavides, creates customized furniture for customers looking for quality, original pieces.