Inés Benavides belongs to a family with high artistic aspirations where she discovered at a very young age her passion for aesthetics .

She has lived in large European and American cities (she has lived in 7 countries and speaks 4 languages), developing her skills by learning in the large art capital cities; Paris, Rome, London, New York.

She created a solid basis by choosing to train as a Mining Engineer (in the Universities of Paris and Madrid) and also by working in strategic consulting for large corporations. However, in 2002 she decided to move to her real passion and created the Interior design and design Studio.

Desde entonces ha dirigido numerosos proyectos de interiorismo en España y en el extranjero, especializándose en proyectos residenciales urbanos, oficinas y locales comerciales.

Since then, she has led numerous interior decoration projects in Spain and abroad, specializing in urban residential and high-street projects.

In addition to interior design projects, Inés manages and coordinates global projects involving architecture, interior design and landscaping, in which she drives both the holistic vision and the project (and teams) management.